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Skyrocket your profits.

Igniting Success Across North America with a Record-Breaking 50,000+ Bookings for Over 100 Brands Last Year, thats RP-1.

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Launching campaigns on RP-1 is effortless.

Ready, Set, Launch: Transform Your Ideas into Actions Seamlessly in Three Steps with RP-1.

Launch your contact list into our system with stellar simplicity. Upload a CSV or use our ServiceTitan and Housecall Pro Integrations.

Build your own unique campaign or select from our galaxy of proven templates.

Experience the thrill of lift-off as responses transform into a surge of new bookings.

Navigating Your Success in the Cosmos.

With Our Expert Crew at Your Helm: Elevate your business with guided support at every step, launching you into a universe of successful campaigns.

White-glove onboarding

We'll connect your account and show you the ropes.

Campaign strategy

We'll guide you on the best strategies for your goals.

Ongoing support

Support team, help articles, and compliance.

Boost Your Lead Generation Now

Discover how the RP-1 suite of tools can elevate your business growth and scaling efforts today.

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To Infinity and Beyond

Our mission is to simplify your journey. Choose from a Done-For-You plan or go DIY.

Done For You (Powered by Rocket Bookings)

Appointment booking and conversation management

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  • Experienced sales teams handle appointments and conversations
  • CRM integration for efficient booking and conflict resolution
  • Quick, personalized client responses
  • Includes everything in the DIY plan
  • Proven strategy that led Rocket Bookings to 50k+ bookings
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Everything your team needs


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited users
  • A2P approved phone number
  • 5,000 monthly credits
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Frequently asked questions

    • What is RP-1?

      RP-1 is a highly refined form of kerosene outwardly similar to jet fuel, used as rocket fuel.

    • What happens if someone calls the number we texted them from?

      No, with all the new TCPA and FCC laws it is extremely illegal to cold text consumers that have not opted-in.

    • How much volume can we send?

      As much as you want! Each phone number can handle about 100 texts per minute. If you need more volume you can easily purchase more phone numbers for us to distribute the volume across.

    • Can I text a purchased list?

      No, with all the new TCPA and FCC laws it is extremely illegal to cold text consumers that have not opted-in.

    • Where do the replies go when someone responds?

      You can choose to be notifed via email and text of any incoming replies. Easily 2 way message responders in the platform.

    • Do you integrate with ServiceTitan and Housecall Pro?

      Yes! (And we don’t charge you more)

    • Will someone help me get started?

      Yes! We have an onboarding team that is there to get your bookings rolling in. We also have support for general help with the software.

    • Will I get shutdown by carriers?

      We automatically verify the each contact is a mobile number ensuring optimal deliverability.

    • What if my agents struggle to book the leads we already have??

      Rocket Bookings our partner in scheduling appointments in the trades has affordable packages that can handle the additional call volume for you!